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Best Yoga for Kids Youtube Winner: Go Go Yoga for Kids

I am honored to be included in this list of amazing yoga teachers. I truly love introducing the lifelong benefits and yoga to children.  Find more here for the latest kids yoga ideas, events, and resources from Go Go Yoga for Kids.

Yoga With Kids: How Yoga Can Benefit the Kids You Love

Yoga can be a great way for adults to manage stress, but we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves! Join me in this podcast interview with Catharine Basu of Fit Armadillo
as I talk about why it is important to introduce yoga and mindfulness strategies with children and the most effective ways to go about doing it.
Listen in at any of the places below.

#1 New Release: Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Lessons for Children

Thrilled to be the #1 New Release in Lesson Planning for Educators. That is what I am all about. I love writing lesson plans for teachers that will hopefully reach children to help them be active, flexible, focused and mindful.

Go Go Yoga for Kids 1 & 2 Bestseller Bundle

Sometimes with all of the negativity and sad news that surrounds us in the media, I worry about our future. It it is definitely a good thing when something uplifting and beneficial like yoga with kids can reach others. It brings hope for a more positive future. Introduce children to yoga and give them skills that they will have for life.

Thank you for all of your support in making Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Yoga With Kids and Go Go Yoga for Kids: Lesson Plans for Children achieve bestseller status.


Go Go Yoga for Kids: Bestseller Books

What a week, friends! With all of the negativity and sad news that sometimes surrounds us in the media, it is definitely a great thing when something uplifting and good like Yoga with Kids can reach others. There is definitely hope for a positive future.

Thank you for joining me! Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Kids and Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Lessons for Children.

Mindful Teachers Recommend Go Go Yoga for Kids

Go Go Yoga for Kids

Recommended Book for Mindful Teachers

by Catharine Hannay

If you’re interested in yoga and mindful movement for children and teens, check out Go Go Yoga For Kids by Sara J. Weis.

Read more here.

5 Fun Yoga Games for Kids & Adults with an Inner Child

Sara J. Weis

Looking to try something new and active with your children? Yoga games are a great way to get kids moving, working together, and improve their communication skills. Yoga games also provide the perfect opportunity to learn new poses and increase balance and flexibility.

The following games can be played with different age levels with simple adjustments. These yoga games can also be used anywhere as they don’t need any preparation or materials. Just put on a smile and have fun playing these games on the go!


Mirror Mirror


Choose one partner to go first. The first partner will slowly move through a sequence of yoga poses while the other person mimics the movements. After a couple of minutes switch roles so the other person takes the lead.

mirror kid


Pose Challenge


This game will help children realize how all of their body parts have advantages and can make them stronger. Call out two different body parts that should be touching the floor or yoga mat and have them show that pose. For example “Two hands/Two Feet” could mean the children could show down dog, plank, cat, cow, standing forward fold, or a new pose that they invent. There are no wrong poses. It is just a fun way to get your body moving in different ways.

Yogi Yogi Go (similar to Duck Duck Goose)

Children sit in a circle and one child moves around the circle tapping children on the head saying, “Yogi, Yogi” and picks someone by saying “Go.” The first child will jump, hop, gallop, etc. around the circle trying to make it back to his/her seat without getting caught. If caught they then hold a yoga pose in the middle of the circle.

goose goose duck


Body Shapes


Draw a shape on a whiteboard or a piece of paper and everyone must try to make that shape with their body. This can be done individually, in pairs, or in small groups. A fun challenge in pairs or groups is to see if they can make the shape while working together silently. Good figures to use are circles, lines, and certain letters.

kids yoga practice




This is an active game that allows lots of movement while practicing yoga poses that the children know or have learned. Have a long jump rope or some other way to divide your room in half. When the leader says, “sea”, everyone jumps to the “sea” side. When the leader says “shore”, they jump to the other side. When the leader says “shells”, the participants must make a yoga pose. Try going quickly and mix them up. The kids will love it!

Find more about Sara J. Weis and her work with children at Or follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

Want to become a yoga teacher for children, go on a retreat and try a yoga teacher training for kids on!


Go Go Yoga Kids Barnes and Noble Book Signing


Hello friends! We would love to see you at Barnes and Noble Jordan Creek on Saturday, December 3, from 1-3 pm for a Bestseller Go Go Yoga Kids book signing. Plus, my new friend Laura Jensen-Kimball author of award winning children’s book, Momster, will be there too! Two friendly local authors who love kids in one place: You can’t be that!

Curious on how to get started with writing, publishing and distributing your own book? Check out Laura’s resource network for writers, Wacky Stack Books.


Radio Interview with Sara J. Weis Bestselling Author of Go Go Yoga Kids


What do superheroes, dinosaurs and princesses have in common with yoga?

Where did the name Go Go Yoga Kids come from?

What happens after age 7 with our bodies?

How can all ages of kids benefit from yoga?

All of this and much more on my interview with my interview with Pat Rullo of Speak Up Talk Radio.

Catch the broadcast on Talk Radio or on the air here.

Or listen in itunes



Paton-Churdan School Kids Take on the Mannequin Challenge: Yoga Style!

I spent a wonderful morning at the Paton-Churdan School speaking to the students about being a writer and playing some fun yoga games. I hope the students were inspired to continue to try their best in everything they do. I certainly  met and saw amazing kids trying their best when faced with something new.

Be on the lookout in the Jefferson Herald for some fun photos that their photographer took. You can also view our entertaining Mannequin Challenge here. The kids were very excited about this and I was amazed at their focus. Being still isn’t easy, but when you include some balance as well, it is even more challenging! The junior high kids are first in the video, followed by the preschool and elementary.

I would very much appreciate your review here. Reviews help spread the word about Go Go Yoga Kids so others may be introduced to the physical, mental and fun benefits of yoga. If you would still like to purchase a book at the special school rate of $10, please stop in the school office. Go Go Yoga Kids is also available at the Printer’s Box in Jefferson, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If you are interested in hearing more about Go Go Yoga Kids news and events oe would like more yoga games, resources and pose ideas, please sign up for our newsletter here.

img_3564The junior high kids rocked this yoga mannequin challenge! The preschool and elementary tried their best. It’s hard to be still! No matter what, everyone had fun! #mannequinchallenge #kidsyoga #gogoyogakids #mannequin #yogachallenge #yogaeverywhere

Check out our Mannequin Challenge video here



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