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Welcome to Go Go Yoga for Kids

Hi I am Sara, and welcome to Go Go Yoga for Kids; the place to get kids fit, flexible and focused while having fun with yoga.

Kids, yoga, and teaching are my passions and I have inspired thousands of  children for over 18 years as a elementary teacher and kids yoga instructor. I have the exact kid tested and approved yoga resources and lesson plans for you to introduce kids to yoga through movement, mindfulness, fun, and games.


Go Go Yoga for Kids is perfect for parents, teachers, and anyone who enjoys yoga and kids. I am glad you are here, now let’s get started!

Interested in our Kids Yoga Book and Yoga Cards?

See our extensive list of recommended kids yoga resources and lesson plans.

Kindle Countdown Deal for Go Go Yoga for Kids

Lucky Lucky You! Beginning June 3- June 8th, Go Go Yoga Kids has been selected to be part of the Kindle Countdown Deals. You will be able to purchase Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Kids for only .99 with small price increments over the 4 days.

If you don’t have your copy yet or know of someone who would benefit, this is the perfect time as this has not been done before. It will be lots of fun.

Go Go Yoga for Kids is perfect for those looking to use yoga with kids at home, school, camps or clubs. Loaded with lesson plans, poses, games, and resources.

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Stork Orthodontics Makes Go Go Yoga Kids Smile

The team at Stork Orthodontics loves kids and keeping them healthy. Not only do they truly care about each and every patient that walks through their doors, but they continue building community outside the office. Dr. Stork purchased copies of Go Go Yoga for Kids for every employee.  What a treat! Thank you Stork Orthodontics for all of your support!

Being a Writer School Presentation and Kids Yoga

I was invited to present at Jordan Creek elementary school about Being a Writer and share the process I went through with publishing Go Go Yoga for Kids. The third grade students were wonderful listeners and asked some insightful questions. Of course we did a few yoga poses and games as well!

Lucky Leprechaun Spring St. Patricks Day Kids Yoga

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Get your Lucky Leprechaun lesson plan!

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Mindful Teachers Recommend Go Go Yoga for Kids

Go Go Yoga for Kids

Recommended Book for Mindful Teachers

by Catharine Hannay

If you’re interested in yoga and mindful movement for children and teens, check out Go Go Yoga For Kids by Sara J. Weis.

Read more here.

Disney Yoga Magic Carpet Ride with Go Go Yoga for Kids

It was a magical morning at Barnes and Noble where over 50 young princes and princesses took off on their magic yoga mats for some Disney themed kids yoga fun.

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After warming up with some Darth Vader deep breathing, We became brave Pocahontas standing on our cliff and ready to dive forward for Sun Salutations.

Soon we were strong Warriors like Princess Mulan. Ready to stand up for what we believe in and what is right.

Peter Pan is ready to fly over the city. What will he see? This Peter Pan Pose is great for back strength.

Of course we remembered our new Princess Moana in Boat Pose. We rowed our boats slowly and then quickly.

After meeting Princess Ariel on a rock in mermaid pose, it was almost time to end our yoga session.

See a video of our magical kids yoga class on our Go Go Yoga Kids Youtube Channel.

Need an easy way to practice yoga at home with your kids? Check out our brand new Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.

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5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses That Will Open Hearts and Minds

by Sara J. Weis

Love is in the air, and now is the time to let your heart shine. Yes, flowers and candy are a lovely thought for adults this season, but it is also a good time to open your heart and show acceptance and compassion for others.

These heart-opening exercises are especially beneficial for kids and adults who spend the majority of their day slouched in desks at school and work or with their heads bent over screens and books. These exercises take only minutes and will help improve posture and release back and neck tension as well as create an openness in your body and mind.

Head over to Daily Cup of Yoga to read the read and try these amazing heart opening yoga poses.

Get these Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to help practice yoga at home or school with kids. Find out more here or get our exclusive monthly newsletter for additional fun ways to introduce kids to yoga.

Kid-Friendly Yoga Partner Poses to Help Celebrate Valentines Day

Help celebrate this day of love with kids  by practicing some of these fun partner yoga poses together.

SeeSaw: Have each partner sit facing one another on the mat with their feet touching. They will grasp hands. One partner will lean backwards while the other one leans forward over their straight legs. Continue to slowly seesaw back and forth. This exercise is great for working the core and stretching the hamstrings.


Open Heart: Each child should stand behind a partner with one foot back, one foot forward, and knees slightly bent while holding their partner’s wrists. The partner in front leans forward and shines his or her heart forward while the other partner helps support them.


Raindrop: Each partner lies on their back with their heads touching. With their arms at their sides, they raise their feet above their heads to touch to make a giant raindrop.


Double Boat: Have each partner sit facing each other with knees bent and toes touching. While holding hands, they lift their legs. To help with balance, the bottoms of their feet should be touching. Then the partners, if able, straighten their legs and lean back slightly as if in a “V” shape.


Partner poses involve working together to accomplish a goal and that is fun and rewarding. It builds trust and confidence. These partner poses can be done in school, or in a home setting. My own family enjoys trying them together and can be modified for different ages and sizes.

For more yoga partner poses please check out Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Kids or our brand new Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.

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Author Interview and Go Go Yoga Kids Book Giveaway

Honored to be interviewed by Backyard Yoga on the inspiration behind Go Go Yoga Kids and why kids need yoga! Read on and enter to win your free copy of Go Go Yoga for Kids.

Meet Sara Weis, Author Of Go Go Yoga For Kids

by Erica Golub of Backyard Yoga

“I am excited to share all of the benefits and fun you can have with yoga and kids!”              

-Sara Weis

I had the pleasure of meeting Sara last year at the National Kids’ Yoga Conference in Washington, DC.  She had recently self-published Go Go Yoga for Kids, and her energy and spirit definitely impressed me.  We have a shared passion for creating tools to help teachers, studios, and parents introduce yoga through play-filled movement, meditation, and mindfulness.  Follow along as Backyard Yoga takes the time to get to know a little more about Sara and her book:

Read full interview and enter giveaway here.

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